Reveal all talents with mobile gaming

Kirae is a training tool that lead people from awareness to confidence building, for an easier development of soft skills, in schools, within companies or while looking for a job.

Visuels application et tableau de bord

Cognitive sciences and mobile gaming

Visuels application et tableau de bord

The perfect cocktail to boost soft skills

We use gaming to set the skills in motion, and cognitive sciences allow us to propose a unique scoring system so that everyone can have an objective perspective on their soft skills.

Reveal all talents

Raise awareness

While 70% of employees do not know what soft skills are, thanks to Kirae, engage in a conversation about soft skills while keeping the fun going.

Capitalize on talents

We only talk about skills we are aware of. Kirae allow everybody to reveal their soft skills, no matter the personal or professional journey that led them to strenghten them.

Foster critical skills

Offer a training tool that relies less on writing and more on action. Lever gaming into developing soft skills and show the central place these skills hold in your organization.

Try it, adopt it

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Soft skills at Kirae