Mobile gaming: the perfect training tool for soft skills

Training professionals, try a fun solution to work on soft skills. Enrich your training offer with Kirae and bring additional value to your customers by offering a flexible, differentiating and fun teaching method.

Mobile gaming and neurosciences for soft skills

While 70% of employees do not know what soft skills are, thanks to Kirae, engage in a conversation about soft skills while keeping the fun going.


Skills made visibles

We talk best about the skills we know. Kirae allows your learners to reveal their soft skills, whatever their professional or personal background. Open Badges make their promotion easier, with HR or recruiters.

Easier management

You manage your learners via a dedicated dashboard that allows you to create accounts, track uses and progresses of your learners and end accesses whenever you want.

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Tools gathered around a single objective:
boost the soft skills of your learners.

Five soft skills that match all profiles: adaptability, focus, memorization, multitasking, planning.

Mobile games

Cognitive scores

Open Badges

Dedicated dashboard

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